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by Danna Martinez

Erudite, a very little-known word but one that has a curious meaning. The virtue of knowing a specific or several topics so thoroughly to the point of being an expert, a sage, an erudite.

The word erudite originates from Latin, erudita, eruditum past participle of erudior verb, erudiri, eruditum whose meaning is to educate and instruct, draw from ignorance. This verb constitutes the prefix ex that indicates separation from the interior, and the adjective Rudis, rude, means rough.

It is considered an adjective and characterized by elevated knowledge, learned or scholarly—an erudite professor, an erudite commentary.

An erudite person has deep and extensive comprehension of usual subjects, improved in different fields of science, art, and disciplines. In this order, an erudite is wise enough to talk with fundament about several subjects. However, it is generally practiced on a particular topic, with stretches of study and usually extensive reading.

Being erudite consists that a person has or shows a broad understanding earned from reading, learning, and experiencing.

Some synonyms that can be used instead of the word erudite can be:

  • learned
  • cultured
  • knowledgeable
  • well-read
  • well versed
  • well informed
  • lettered
  • informed
  • cultivated
  • civilized
  • intelligent
  • intellectual

And on the other hand, the antonyms can be:

  • ignorant
  • unknowing
  • illiterate
  • unenlightened
  • unschooled
  • unlearned
  • untaught
  • uneducated
  • unlettered
  • inexperienced

According to the Wikium website, there are some tips to improve the knowledge and maybe become an erudite:

  • How to increase the general erudition
  1. Learn new words.
  2. Expand Your Thesaurus.
  3. Read analytical articles and critical reviews.
  4. Write more than ordinary people.
  5. Read more!

The study is significant in the daily life of all people. It is essential to have a basic knowledge about some subjects, not necessarily complete experience.

Becoming a scholar may not be an easy task, but with perseverance and dedication, this becoming an erudite goal can be accomplished in less time than expected. Erudite people show the world the “Yes, it’s possible to learn beyond what we think is possible”.

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