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Word of the Day: Frustration

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by Danna Martínez

Sometimes it makes us want to drop everything and run away. Frustration can bring out the worst in us. And in the least pleasant case, it can accumulate the worst in us.

The term frustration comes from the Latin “frustrare.” The Latin word refers to the erring, making mistakes, being deceived, or disappointed.

Frustration is a natural emotional reaction in individuals. This reaction is created by not being able to meet the expectations proposed in a specific situation. For example, not achieving projects or illusions. The emotion people feel when they do not fulfill certain ideals alters their mood. In the same way, it can generate negativity in our attitude and frustration.

Almost everyone has experienced a feeling of frustration. The lifestyle generates unexpected and sometimes disappointing changes. There are cases in which we cannot control these changes, and consequently, we get frustrated. The inability to satisfy a need or will is one of the most undesirable situations but at the same time one of the most common.

And the problem in many cases is that we see failure as a negative. The problem is that we once made a mistake, and something or someone made us feel bad about it. Anyone makes mistakes. And it’s okay to be wrong as long as we learn from the error and try not to make it again.

Having failures and making mistakes doesn’t make us less capable. It just shows us that we can try even better.

We cannot control everything that happens around us. Therefore, it is practically a necessity to feel frustrated sometimes. Frustration can generate feelings of sadness, disappointment, helplessness, and in some cases, anger. It is essential to be aware of emotions and express them. There are different ways to release emotions. Some people decide to exercise, meditate, cook, or paint. Other people prefer to vent through conversation or writing. One of the most effective and common remedies is to release pain through crying.

It is considered that doing physical activity helps release energy and also promotes calm. Also, in frustration, some people guide their emotions toward something they are passionate about doing. The way to express it depends on each person. After all, expressing feelings is a human need.

On the other hand, it is essential to know our limits when expressing ourselves. When something does not turn out as expected, we must remember that physical, verbal, or emotional aggression is not an excuse. The solution to problems is not found in violence. On the contrary, it can generate more inconveniences.

The circumstances are relative. Yesterday could have been a great day, and tomorrow maybe an awful day. But in the same way, at all times, we have the opportunity to change our perception. If we think something is as terrible as we want it to be, it probably will be. However, if we believe that something will work out and put our minds to it, it will most likely work out.

When we change our perception of things, we learn to understand and regulate feelings such as frustration.

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