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Word of the Day: Melomaniac

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by Danna Martinez

It is known that most people like music because beyond what we think, it has great emotional power and influence. What is unusual but popular is the extreme taste for music, which has a name. Melomaniac is the name and description of passionate music lovers who dedicate time and money to this art’s enjoyment.

The term melomaniac comes from the words melo and maniac. The word melo refers to music, song, melody, or tone. On the other hand, the word manic means compulsion or obsession. 

Melomania is considered a hobby or even an excessive fanaticism for music.

Musical rhythms provide significant brain activation that regulates stress-related hormones. Scientifically, music favors the awakening of the senses and releases neurohormones. These hormones are beneficial in learning and motor activity. Music also has other practical factors in behavior, sleep, mood, and people’s attention.

According to the What Master website, melomania- “Is classified within the types of maniacs, but it is not madness or disorder (which differentiates it from the other typologies) as indicated in some sources or what the population may imply.”

A melomaniac shows an extraordinary passion and intense devotion to music, especially classical. But it’s not melomaniac’s fault. Music has been present in society since ancient times and has been used for different purposes. Moreover, music is recognized as an artistic manifestation, cultural representation, communication medium, and entertainment between different contexts.

Music has served as a way to express ideas, feelings, experiences, and thoughts. According to the IFPI, the world recorded music market grew by 7.4% in 2020, making it the sixth consecutive year of growth.

Some of the main characteristics of a melomaniac are:

  • Know all of the versions of a song.
  • Spend much of your time listening to music, whether ancient or modern.
  • Always choose excellent audio quality.
  • See the same artist over and over.
  • Allocating money for records and ways to listen to music.

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