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By Danna Martínez

Going to eat at a restaurant is always a great option, but cooking at home can be a great experience too!

Among an extensive list of dishes, there is a new adventure. On the way to good preparation, it is necessary to include a good and reliable recipe. Finding the best recipe may seem complicated, but there are actually multiple options. Some people prepare traditional recipes in the family or locally. Other people take a little tour on the internet to find the ideal recipe. Furthermore, a great way to experiment with cooking is to take a few outside tips and add your own details to the dish.

Keep in mind that following recipes is part of a culinary challenge. Still, it is always good to know some.

The term recipe comes from Latin recipes. The Latin word recipere, originally meant “take, grasp.” In the first instance, the phrase recipe referred to medical prescriptions. On recipes or prescriptions, doctors wrote what patients should take or receive. Later, the word recipe was related to the concepts, formulas, ingredients, and content. Currently, the term recipe is used to refer to both medical and culinary recipes.

Culinary recipes are written notes that detail a procedure. The essential elements of a recipe are the ingredients and the basic preparation procedure. However, some recipes precisely detail amounts, preparation, applications, and even ways to decorate.

Everything is unexpected when preparing a dish in the kitchen, even more, if it is a new one. The recipes are a guide to all types of people in their journey through the preparation of meals.

Anyone can make the dish, drink, or dessert they want, as long as you have the will, determination, and the right recipe. The recipe can be a great help for beginning cooks. However, recipes are necessary even for the best chefs.

People from all over the world who have become interested in cooking have gained experience through practice. Some people, who were beginners at the time, are now writing their own recipes; moreover, they share them with the world!

The art of cooking is very famous, not only for the exquisite preparations but also for being an opportunity for learning and entertainment. Each person has a unique way of preparing their food. For some, cooking is a lonely space of calm and tranquility. For others, cooking is an occasion for unity among friends and family.

Nicole and Charlotte search for a new experience and recipe each week to share with viewers on the Bladen Online team’s youtube channel. We invite you to be part of our culinary projects, propose recipes, or cook one of the recipes on our channel!

Here are some of the Bladen Online recipes: