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Fun Training with Bladen County EMS

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Bladen County EMS held a fun training to the public Tuesday at Bladen Community College East Arcadia campus. Watch the video below to see the training first hand.



According to Sandra Lewis, Bladen Community College Director, 14 were in attendance. She said, “I wish more people would take advantage of it.”

David Howell Jr., EMT-P and EMS Director said, “We want to hold more of these trainings for other areas in our county.”

Heather Ellis, EMT-P explained, “Our goal is to start in the outlying areas. Our fist was the east end. Now we will go to the west end. We want to get the rural areas because it’s time dependent and it’s important to make sure someone knows how to perform CPR and imitate the 911 system.”

Heather gave a personal testimony of her realization about the importance of knowing CPR. She said, “My fiancé had a heart attack at 41 and it just shined a light on it on how important it truly is.”

A local East Arcadia resident and Senior Aid worker, Chubby enjoyed the class along with the others. He said, “I think they made it kind of simple. People can comprehend it.”

Commissioner Dr. Delilah Blanks was in the class. She said, “I wish more young people would get interested in the health field when they are younger.”
More classes will be offered in the coming months.
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