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Thoughts While Shaving

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Thoughts While Shaving
If you live in a Bladen County municipality……a reminder, Early Voting is underway….Questions should be directed to the Bladen County Board of Elections…If you do not vote….don’t complain about the final outcome….
World Series underway….Game one…..KC Royals 5—NY Mets 4….Game two at Ewing M. Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, MO. at 8:07 this PM..(Wednesday)
I hope you will check our list of Events in the area for Saturday, October 31…(Halloween)   A great variety of activities capped off by the Bladenboro Beast Feast from 10 to 10….Just one of many….
I continue to dig thru old cardboard boxes discovering all kind of goodies….
Today….A partial list of the WBLA All Bladen County Football Team, the 5th consecutive.  The 1967  “Dream Team” was invited to a banquet at Sam’s Place at White Lake on January 22, 1968, according to the news release.
I must confess, some are not listed….a second page was missing….So, here is what I discovered….
1967 All Bladen Offensive Team
End——-Dan Meshaw          Clarkton
End——-Dean Brady            Elizabethtown
Tackle—-Pat Mears              Clarkton
Tackle—-Benny Callihan      Clarkton
Guard—-Braddy Todd           Bladenboro
Guard—-Don Allen                Tar Heel
Center—John Atkinson          Clarkton
QB——–Clarence Ferguson  Clarkton
HB——–Mark Little                Clarkton
HB——–Joe Marlow              Clarkton
FB———Donald Guyton        Elizabethtown
End——-Marshall Davis         Tar Heel
End——-Larry Sessoms         Tar Heel
Tackle—Nash Hester              Elizabethtown
Tackle—Elton Kinlaw              Tar Heel
Guard—Rod Chamblee          Elizabethtown
Guard—Oliver Gause             Bladenboro
The balance of the team…Unknown….sorry
Looking over the list, I assume the Clarkton team enjoyed a good year….
The problem with being Comeback Player of the Year is it means you have to go somewhere before you can come back.  Bert Blyleven
You can’t even jump high enough to touch the rim, unless they put a Big Mac on it.  Charles Barkley
The film looks suspiciously like the game itself.  ‘Bum’ Philips
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