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Developing a Board that’s Onboard by Small Business Center

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Small Business Center at Bladen Community CollegeBoard meetings are not just about information, but also “transformation.” Organizations will rise or fall as a direct result of a functional or dysfunctional Board.

The Small Business Center Network will be hosting a seminar on Tuesday November 10th from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at Bladen Community College East Arcadia campus.

This seminar is focuses primarily on some practical tips and tools, rather than the latest research that can bring about “transformational change,” in Boards. Government agencies, Foundations, and individual donors and other potential supporters and funders want information concerning Boards. 

What they discover might make the difference between receiving their support and or funds, or not. Topics we will cover will include… 1. What A Healthy Board Looks Like. 2. Board Roles And Responsibilities a. Fiduciary b. Liabilities 3. Strategic Planning 4. How To Diagnose Problems Rather Than Focus On Symptoms. 5. How To Evaluate The Board Performance. 6. How To Ensure Full Participation Of Board Members. 

Call 910-879-5572 to reserve a seat as space is limited! READ MORE 

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