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Device Tips & iOS9.1

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By: Gordon Kinlaw

iphone juno trainingMy Jongo project is done!! I was able to find a patch cable to connect the Jongo Wifi adapter to my old, but great, Altec Lansing computer speakers. I have been listening to them quite a bit today.

Right now, I’m playing Barry White Radio which is a compilation of similar artists to Barry White. The current track is “Don’t Leave Me This Way” by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. The red arrow is pointing to the Jongo adapter which is sitting on the subwoofer.

I have tried the Bluetooth and the Wifi connections today. UsingIphone training speakers
bluetooth, any music app will work but you have a phone to adapter range of about 30 feet. Using Wifi, you are limited to the Pure Connect app but you speakers can be in any room in Wifi range.

The best dynamic range comes from music that resides on your iPhone but the Pure Connect app radio is pretty good.

Buttons at the bottom are Music, Radio and Setup buttons. Setup is where you will search for and connect your new devices. I have set up my device as “Jongo gk”.

When you select music content and begin to play the content, you will get the speaker selection icon at the bottom. If you have speakers in different rooms, you turn each one on/off independently.

Also the volume can be adjusted in each room. In the music tab, you will have local music (on your iPhone or iPad). If you pull down the “local music” choice box, you may have other sources on your WAN.

In my case, I was able to see/use the music files on my laptop Again, this adapter is to convert powered speakers or an old amp & speakers to work with your iPhone. If you don’t have old audio speakers to an iPhone boombox, then buy the Jongo speakers with Wifi included.

I added a few details yesterday: hangers for the speakers and carry-handle. Here’s a photo with the speakers in carry mode The speakers are mounted with mirror hangers from the hardware store. And here’s the carry-handle that pulls up when needed.

iOS9.1- Is it time to update? 9.1 is out and I said I would update my phone and I will do that in the next couple of days. I will have to remember to turn off the wifi assist and the live photos. I’m short on data and memory.

If you haven’t updated and you are running out of storage, note that Apple downloads the 1.0 GB file for 9,1 and it sit there on your phone taking up precious space. I wanted to update some apps today and I ran out of room. To delete this monster file, go to Setting/General/Usage/Manage Storage. Apple TV3 The new Apple TV will be released next week.

Remember the current model went on sale in late Spring at $69. The new model’s price is back up at $100 and it promises to work with homekit and be a gamer’s BFF- but not yet. The remote has 2 microphones for voice control, a gyroscope, volume buttons and a touchpad!

The interface is a little less grid-oriented and more Apple-like. Siri and gaming will be forth coming. The new unit is supposed to support the Apple’s streaming TV similar to Sling TV, but I did not see a mention of it in the release I read. Facebook vs Your Battery It was reported this week that the Facebook app has been engineered to work harder than ever in the background and eat more of your battery life.

In fact it’s supposed to have some work-arounds that defeat turning off the background app refresh. To see how much battery Facebook is using on your phone, go to Settings/General/Usage/Battery Usage. Mine used 14% so I went to background app refresh and cut it off (Settings/General/Background App Refresh).

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