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Washington, D.C. – This week, Congressman David Rouzer voted to approve an appropriations package to authorize funding for our military, veterans, southern border, and other priorities that will contribute to the safety and security of American citizens at home and abroad. The appropriations package, commonly referred to as the “minibus,” includes appropriations bills for defense, military construction and veterans, energy and water, and the legislative branch.

“It’s no secret we live in a world that has grown much more dangerous during the past several years. As a Congress, it is our primary obligation to take the necessary steps to help keep our country and citizens safe from harm. The appropriations package passed by the House of Representatives this week provides our troops with the largest pay raise in eight years, rebuilds and strengthens our military, improves the care of our veterans, bolsters our nuclear weapons programs and fully funds President Trump’s budget request for the construction of a wall at our southern border as well as other border security measures.”

The minibus:
Fully funds the President’s FY2018 $1.6 billion budget request to build a wall along our southern border;
Provides our service members with the largest pay raise in eight years;
Increases funding for the Department of Defense in an effort to rebuild and strengthen our military;
Pays for updated weapons and equipment so that our troops are better prepared for the ever-evolving threats our nation faces;
Increases funding for better care of our veterans; and,