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Thoughts While Shaving For June 18

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Robert Hester, Founder of BladenOnline.comGreetings, a little late but…

Hot day … Sunny this afternoon, with a high near 93 … and windy, gust in the 17 mph range.

Clear tonight, low around 62 … Juneteenth (Father’s Day) … Sunny, with a high near 86…

Former Whiteville All-Star pitcher MacKenzie Gore gave up 8 runs last night, including 3 HRs. Second consecutive start that he has had a ‘not so good outing’. The Colorado Rockies were pounding the ball … Gore, now 4-3, pitched 4 innings, allowing 8 runs on 9 hits, including 3 home runs. He still holds a solid 3.64 ERA … His next outing is expected to be next week vs the Phillies…

Spent a few days at the beach … never stuck my toe in the water … meetings, meetings and more meetings … but enjoyable..

Too hot for me to be outside … a weaklin’ in my old age…

“Taking crazy things seriously is a serious waste of time.” Haruki Murakami

“There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met.” Paul Williams

“Life goes by fast. Enjoy it. Calm down … It’s all funny.” Joan Rivers

robert g hester

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