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By An Anonymous Author


A child caring for a child,

Raising it before she is yet grown,

Teaching it the ways of the world while she is still learning—

Mothers are strong.


A woman unable to raise the gift she’s been given,

Lacking what is needed to provide,

Gifting her sacred treasure to another—

Mothers are strong.


A girl burdened with the offspring of a monster,

Living with a daily reminder of her greatest pain,

Extinguishing an innocent to forget a crime—

Mothers are strong.


A lady sitting alone in a house too big for one,

Reminiscing of her children’s laughter,

Praying every day to hear from them again—

Mothers are strong.


A woman standing beside an ebony box,

Her baby, barely a man, snatched from her,

How can this be part of some mighty plan?—

Mothers are strong.


My mother holding the boy who has long outgrown her arms,

Bearing the weight of her son the best she can,

I long to be in her arms again—

Mothers are strong.

– Anonymous Author

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