Public Meeting
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Public MeetingPublic meetings will take place across the country using an open-house format, so participants can arrive any time during the scheduled meeting time. At the meetings, participants can ask questions, share information, talk with our team members one-on-one, and learn more about the National OCS Program. We also encourage participants to submit written comments to inform BOEM of specific issues, impacting factors, environmental resources, alternatives to the proposed action, and mitigation measures to consider in its analyses.

For those unable to attend one of the scheduled meetings, BOEM is offering a Virtual Meeting Room where participants can visit the same stations available at the open house meetings. There they are able to review and download the same handouts and posters offered at the meetings and provide comments. RSVP to make your voice heard.

Meeting Locations:
*Note: Venue has been changed for 2/27 Boston meeting.

January     16   Annapolis, MD

January     16   Jackson, MS

January     18    Dover, DE

February     6   Austin, TX

February     6   Salem, OR

February     8   Tallahassee, FL

February     8   Sacramento, CA

February   13   Hartford, CT

February   13   Columbia, SC

February   14   Trenton, NJ

February   15   Albany, NY

February   21   Richmond, VA

February     21   Anchorage, AK

February     22   Washington, DC

February     26   Raleigh, NC

February     27   Boston, MA *Updated

February     28   Atlanta, GA

February     28   Providence, RI

March           5   Concord, NH

March  5   Olympia, WA

March           6   Baton Rouge, LA

March           7   Augusta, ME

March           8   Montgomery, AL



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