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The Bladen County Sheriff’s Office received a call that there was an active shooter at East Bladen High School. Deputies arrived within minutes of the call. There was at least one SRO Deputy already on school grounds at the time of the call.

According to Amanda Sykes with the BC Sheriff’s Office, the campus has been thoroughly checked by law enforcement.

No one was hurt, and no shots were fired.

The Bladen County Sheriff’s Office has received information that phone calls received today throughout the Eastern United States about active shooters at public schools are all hoaxes.

According to a spokesperson with the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office, the call is similar to “Bomb Threat” hoaxes schools have received in the past. Law enforcement officials did apprehend the people involved with the “Bomb Threat” hoaxes from the past, and they feel confident they will capture the person(s) responsible for the “Active Shooter” hoaxes that have happened today.

Currently, East Bladen High School has been cleared and is safe. Bladen County Schools sent out a message explaining all Bladen County Schools would be on a “Soft Lock Down” for the remainder of the day.

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