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Baldwin Branch Presents Black History Celebration

Elizabethtown – The Baldwin Branch Missionary Baptist Church’s Senior Missionary Ministry is presenting a “Black History Celebration” and a good ole time feast.

The feast will consist of “Soul food,” the cuisine that has been historically associated with Black culture, consists of foods that are symbolically and basically “made with love” and are timelessly identified within a rich history that traces where Blacks have been, combining the dishes consisting of fried chicken, deer hash, pig feet, chitterlings, corn bread flitters, oxtails, collards, turnips, dressing, okra, corn on the cob, stew beef, roast beef, ham hocks, chicken & pastry, blackberry pastry, chicken feet, possum stew, pinto beans, apple and lemon meringue pies, chocolate cake, homemade banana pudding, tea cakes, biscuits, fat back, ham, squash and black-eyed peas.  As Blacks migrated to the north other dishes were added such as shrimp and grits, black beans, turkey barbeque, chili, macaroni and cheese, and a series of other cakes and pies.  In history several feasts were held in the slaves homes when they were allowed to come together and rest from their assigned labors.  Additionally, feasts were held after their church services when they all could come together and just have a good ole feast.  That would alleviate the stress placed upon them by their masters.

The Baldwin Branch congregation through the Senior Missionary Ministry is bringing back the good ole time feast on Sunday, February 17, 2019, immediately following morning worship services.  Everyone is cordially invited.  Baldwin Branch is located at 4047 NC 242 Highway South; Elizabethtown NC.  The Rev. Dr. Louie Boykin is the pastor.

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