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By Charlotte Smith

DUBLIN – In an exciting development for small business owners and budding entrepreneurs in the region, the Bladen Community College (BCC) Small Business Center proudly introduces its new Director, Brad Johnson. Known for its commitment to fostering local talent and supporting business growth, the Small Business Center offers a wealth of resources, seminars, counseling, and networking opportunities—all free of charge.

The introduction of Brad Johnson marks a new chapter in the Small Business Center’s journey to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and boost existing businesses. A highly accomplished individual, Johnson’s professional journey is a tapestry woven with diverse experiences that have shaped his passion for community engagement and business development.

Having attended UNC Chapel Hill and earned his Master’s degree from Western Governors University, Johnson has honed his skills through his tenure as a small business owner and extensive work in corporate America. However, during retirement, he pondered the question, “What am I doing for my community?” The answer presented itself in the form of an opportunity at the Bladen Community College Small Business Center — a chance to give back and inspire future business leaders.

In his role as Director, Johnson is expressing his enthusiasm for professional networking, connecting with the local chamber of commerce, economic developers, volunteer consultants, and other business groups and professionals. These connections form the foundation for the Small Business Center’s ability to extend invaluable assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. The center serves as a hub of knowledge and support, equipped to help transform visionary ideas into thriving enterprises.

One of the center’s key offerings is free one-on-one counseling, providing personalized guidance and referrals to appropriate agencies for further specialized counseling. Entrepreneurs seeking confidential advice tailored to their unique needs can quickly request counseling by registering online or calling the center directly.

Moreover, the Small Business Center hosts various seminars catering to diverse business interests. These seminars, conducted at no cost to participants, cover a wide range of topics, from practical business management skills to cutting-edge industry trends. By offering valuable insights and expertise, these seminars empower entrepreneurs to navigate the challenging terrain of entrepreneurship confidently.

The Small Business Center provides an array of free resources, including videos, audiotapes, publications, books, and CDs. These resources serve as invaluable companions to business enthusiasts on their quest for information and inspiration.

Johnson’s door is always open to those seeking guidance and support at the Bladen Community College Small Business Center, located in Student Services, Building 10, Room 15. Entrepreneurs can connect with him directly at 910.879.5572 or through email at jbjohnson@bladencc.edu.

With the appointment of Brad Johnson, the Small Business Center at Bladen Community College is poised to continue its mission of nurturing entrepreneurial dreams, fostering innovation, and serving as a catalyst for economic growth in the vibrant community of Bladen County, NC. As small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs step into the world of possibilities, the Small Business Center stands ready to be their beacon of knowledge, support, and success.

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