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A staff reportFebruary marks the beginning of a new month full of opportunities. In Bladen County, this important month starts with the observance of National Wear Red Day and a series of events and meetings organized by Bladen County Health and Human Services.National Wear Red Day: Promoting Heart Health AwarenessToday, on National Wear Red Day, Bladen County residents are encouraged to don red clothing to show their support for heart health awareness. This annual event serves as a visual reminder of the importance of heart health and encourages individuals to take proactive steps to reduce their risk of heart disease.Faith Families Thriving Communities: Promoting Healthy LifestylesAs part of the month’s activities, an informational session titled “Faith Families Thriving Communities” will take place at 6 p.m. at the Bladen Extension Office, located at 450 Smith Circle in Elizabethtown. This session is designed for faith-based organizations interested in promoting healthy lifestyles within their communities. Attendees can learn about valuable resources and strategies to encourage heart-healthy living. For more information, you can reach out to Jessie Jones at 910-862-4591 or Isabella Faison at 910-872-6264.Upcoming Meetings and Events in Bladen CountyThroughout February, several other events and meetings are scheduled in Bladen County to address various aspects of community health and well-being:-Bladen County Substance Misuse Task Force: Scheduled to meet on the 13th of the month, this task force focuses on addressing substance misuse issues in the county, including the prevention of heart disease risk factors associated with substance abuse.– Cupid Shuffle Even: On February 14th at 10 am, the Bladen County Department of Social Services will host a Cupid Shuffle event. This fun gathering promotes physical activity and community engagement, both of which contribute to heart health.– Healthy Bladen Meeting: On the 27th of the month at 9 am, Healthy Bladen will hold a meeting at the Bladen County Health Department. This collaborative initiative focuses on improving overall community health and well-being.Explore All February Events in Bladen CountyThese mentioned events and meetings are just a glimpse of what’s happening in Bladen County during February 2024. To stay informed about the full lineup of activities, meetings, and initiatives taking place throughout the month, be sure to check out BladenOnline’s events page. It’s an excellent resource for anyone interested in participating in or supporting the community’s efforts.

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