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New Update 01/18/19

NC officials haven’t handed over massive trove of voter data to feds

Dowless, key figure in 9th District inquiry, still won’t submit to state interview

Dan McCready accuses Mark Harris of stealing votes in one-on-one interview with NBC Charlotte

Dan McCready blasts Mark Harris over NC election fraud investigation

Dan McCready plans campaign for Congress in NC District 9 | Charlotte Observer

A green-card holder voted illegally 3 times in NC. The judge scolds election officials.

Records show Bladen voter’s absentee ballot was turned in but not counted

New Update 01/17/19

WECT: McCready campaign, NCSBE call for Harris petition to be dismissed

North Carolina House race still undecided as legal battle continues | Fox News

New Update 01/16/19

Washington Post: Justice officials were briefed months ago

GOP attacks NC elections board, calls 9th District investigation a Democratic delay tactic

NC investigator pinged feds over 2018 election concerns

Bladen prosecutor’s calls went unreturned as state probed absentee ballot issues

New Update 01/15/19

Attorneys for Harris, McCready trade legal arguments in 9th District dispute

Hundreds of court documents released in NC 9th District investigation

Elections Board Responds To Harris Campaign: We Don’t Need Formal Protest To Investigate

GOP ratchets up case to seat Mark Harris by questioning election fraud investigation|Charlotte Observer

New court filings in the 9th District set both sides cases | Charlotte Observer

New Update 01/14/19

US House may ultimately decide winner of District 9 race

Hearing scheduled in dispute over rightful sheriff of Columbus County

Who is to blame that Bladen County election fraud went on so long?

Letter: Congress may resolve disputed NC election

NEW Update 01/13/19

9th District investigation witness arrested

NEW Update 01/12/19

Civil-rights attorney defends ballot work of Bladen County group

What’s The Holdup In That Unresolved North Carolina House Race?

NC election violations alleged in 2016 were aired with Justice Department official

Redistricting panel needed, court ruling or not

NEW Update 01/11/19

Who’s who in North Carolina’s 9th District election fraud scandal

In new affidavit, Bladen Elections chairman says staff found forged absentee ballot request forms

Report: Bladen County election fraud investigation dates back to 2010

North Carolina Republican Mark Harris’ Path To Election That Won’t End : NPR


NEW Update 01/10/19

Bladen Co. absentee ballot turn-in log raises new questions about affidavit filed by McCready campaign

Voter fraud claims: Gov. Pat McCrory sought SBI probe in Bladen County, but agency isn’t investigating


NEW Update 01/09/19

Election Investigation: Edge requests certification of Commissioners Race; hearing postponed

Trump reportedly backs Republican at centre of electoral fraud claims in North Carolina

Everything You Need To Know About North Carolina’s Election Fraud Probe

The state was reviewing Speaker Tim Moore’s chicken plant. Then Moore’s aide got involved.

Channel 9 sits down with Mark Harris in one-on-one interview

AP Exclusive: NC election fraud probed long before 2018 race

NEW Update 01/08/19

Fight over NC 9th District election could drag on for months, with no one seated

Fact check: Democrats: bill brings less transparency to NC9 

WBTV: Mark Harris runs from reporters at government building in Charlotte

WBTV: Exclusive: Documents reveal voters targeted by Harris campaign contractor for absentee votes

NEW Update 01/07/19

Mark Harris doesn’t expect a new election in the disputed 9th District race

Who is the rightful sheriff of Columbus County? Answer could come in court

During shutdown, water samples to check for GenX are sitting in the fridge untested

NEW Update 01/06/19

Senate Republicans question former Elections chairman about contact with Bladen Co. Democrat after WBTV investigation

‘No reason to doubt the legitimacy of the outcome,’ Harris says as he sues to join Congress

NEW Update 01/05/19

House Democrats prepare to probe disputed North Carolina election

Columbus County sheriff race: Lewis Hatcher lawsuit

NEW Update 01/04/19

Candidates, PAC in Bladen County disagree on meaning of contributions

Records show NCSBE Chair had frequent contact with figure in NC-09 investigation during ’18 election

Republican Harris decries ’political weaponization of Elections board as he fights for certification

Supreme Court to take up North Carolina partisan electoral districts case

NC GOP Executive Director visits Bladen County; supports efforts by Mark Harris campaign

Mark Harris pursuing two paths to end 9th District controversy

Records show NCSBE Chair had frequent contact with figure in NC-09 investigation during ’18 election

NEW Update 01/03/19

Candidates, PAC in Bladen County disagree on meaning of contributions

Harris campaign sues for election certification

GOP legislative exploits do not cease

Cooper blames Republicans for obstructing 9th District probe

DISTRICT 9 INVESTIGATION: Interim NC elections board won’t be named leaving District 9 investigation still unresolved 

DISTRICT 9 VOTES: Votes not recorded for three people who handed their absentee ballots to strangers

NEW Update 01/02/19

Harris plans to file legal action seeking certification in NC-9 election

DISTRICT 9: McCrae Dowless accused of using revealing document to run elections fraud operation

DISTRICT 9 TIMELINE: US House District 9 race investigation: How we got here

Chairman Hayes Commends Harris’ Court Action, Calls For Certification

Hayes Responds To Cooper’s Decision Regarding “Interim” Elections Board

Voting Issues and Gerrymanders Are Now Key Political Battlegrounds

NEW Update 01/01/19

NCGOP warns Cooper it will sue to stop Elections board appointments if necessary

Lawyer: No basis for congressional race ballot fraud hearing

Mark Harris to meet with NC elections staff this week

NEW Update 12/31

Dan McCready: Calls for 48 subpoenas by elections board

NEW Update 12/30

Man in Bladen County ballot probe declines to talk to board

North Carolina seat in U.S. Congress likely to stay vacant as fraud controversy intensifies

NEW Update 12/29

NC election officials knew of fraud claims in 2016. Why did they continue in 2018?

Court dissolves North Carolina elections board with election fraud scandal still under investigation

NC election officials knew of fraud claims in 2016. Why did they continue in 2018?

NEW Update 12/28

Harris campaign files emergency petition in 9th District race; Governor must appoint new elections board members

NC election officials knew of fraud claims in 2016. Why did they continue in 2018?

North Carolina lawmakers override veto of Elections Bill

Judges: Dissolve NC elections board amid 9th District probe

NC governor says he will name interim elections panel as state board dissolves

Ballots may have been stolen or destroyed in disputed N.C. House race

NEW Update 12/27

Colin Campbell: Election fraud problems require bigger fix

Cooper calls GOP plan to override veto of elections bill ‘astonishing,’ asks citizens to press legislators: WECT

Fight over North Carolina race set to drag on for months

More evidence piles up in North Carolina election fraud scandal

NC-09: NCSBE chairman’s kin PAID $$$$ to campaign for Dan McCready?

NEW Update 12/26

North Carolina 9th District voter fraud scandal: new evidence emerges

Governor Cooper Statement on Election Fraud Secrecy

Do it right; do it over

Bladen County election office gave special access to political operative, former board member says

Civil-rights attorney defends ballot work of Bladen County group

These NCGOP tweets on disputed election may be irrelevant. But they’re mostly true

NEW Update 12/25

McCready campaign submits affidavits in election fraud investigation – WECT

NC election fraud: special access alleged in Bladen office | News & Observer

North Carolina’s New Election Law Is Going to Make It Harder for Rural Constituents to Vote

NEW Update 12/24

More Evidence Of Illegal Activity Emerges In North Carolina Congressional Race | HuffPost

We knew about possible NC ballot fraud in ’16. Why didn’t we stop it? | News & Observer

New documents show strange handling of absentee ballots in North Carolina

NEW Update 12/23

Our View: Fix what’s really broken in our electoral system – Opinion – The Fayetteville Observer – Fayetteville, NC

Journalists have done great work on the Bladen County voting story. Keep it up.

[Greensboro News & Record] Our Opinion: What’s not ‘cool ‘ in this state is political dysfunction

NC governor vetoes bill allowing a new primary in disputed House race | TheHill
North Carolina’s New Election Law Is Going to Make It Harder for Rural Constituents to Vote
NEW Update 12/22

Elections board: Bladen DA had ‘undisclosed apparent conflict of interest’ when he sought investigation info in ’17

Newly uncovered document suggests Bladen Improvement PAC president collected absentee ballots

Civil-rights attorney Joyner defends actions of Bladen County group

Despite word from NCSBE, Columbus County officials say they can’t address sheriff discrepancy

N.C. election board’s warnings to local and federal prosecutors about alleged election fraud drew little action

New Update 12/21

NC election officials warned federal prosecutors about alleged fraud in 2017: report

Now a third county is caught up in NC elections board’s ballot investigation

Bladen County GOP chairman blasts NC elections board for ‘debacle’ in 9th District

NC alerted US attorney of ‘efforts to manipulate’ Bladen elections, 2017 letter shows

Bladen GOP chairman previously hired McCrae Dowless but says he wouldn’t now

Bladen County: Five elections investigations since 2010

State says Columbus County Sheriff should not have been sworn in

New Update 12/20

Statement From Bladen County GOP Chairman Walter McDuffie

NC election dispute to leave 773,000 without voice in Congress: ‘It is a great loss’

Now a third county is caught up in NC elections board’s ballot investigation

NC elections board releases 2016 case file detailing Bladen election fraud investigation

Central figure in NC-09 investigation refuses interview with investigators

State says Lewis Hatcher should still be Columbus County sheriff while protest is heard

Ballot fraud in Bladen County: Bending the rules is nothing new

Shadowy 9th District figure says he took cash in 2014 election

North Carolina officials sought to charge political operator

Hidden in plain sight: A decade of local politics culminates in national election fraud investigation


New Update 12/19

Concerned voters share testimonies at Town Hall meeting

McCrae Dowless: Lawyer denies any wrongdoing 

North Carolina GOP demands Mark Harris’ win be certified despite mounting evidence of fraud

FBI investigating N.C. election fraud: Were votes counted before Election Day?

New Update 12/18

Commissioner says sheriff’s residency concern will be fine if ‘we leave it alone’

At least 21 candidates used Dowless, Red Dome over last decade

New Update 12/17

NC GOP calls on board to certify House race unless it can prove fraud changed results 

North Carolina Ninth Congressional District Republican Party Calls For Immediate Disclosure From NCSBE

Republican officials had early warnings of voting irregularities in North Carolina

N.C. congressional candidate sought out aide, despite warnings over tactics

Will Republicans abandon their candidate in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District?

North Carolina Democrats in Congress: No new primaries for District 9

Ballot security in Bladen County was a worry long before current disputed U.S. House race

In the 9th District, a new primary might draw a crowded field for disputed seat

New Update 12/15

North Carolina Republican Mark Harris revealed his campaign owes $34,000 to a political operative accused of illegally collecting — and not submitting — absentee ballots

Mark Harris addresses voter fraud allegations in race for 9th Congressional District

North Carolina Republican Says He Chose to Hire Controversial Operative

Harris confirms it was his decision to hire operative at heart of 9th District scandal

New Update 12/14

Bladen counted early votes too soon in 2018. Witness alleges numbers were leaked

Lawmakers, political parties push harder for new NC-9 election as evidence of fraud grows

Complaint filed against Bladen County sheriff for electioneering near voters casting ballots

WECT: Columbus County commissioner changes parties, says issues in general election spurred switch

NC election fraud: Concerning number of absentee ballots not returned in Columbus Co.

Evidence indicates Sheriff Jody Greene may not live in Columbus County

New update 12/13

BladenOnline.com: Bladen County Sheriff McVicker election campaign documents subpoena

NPR: As Election Fraud Probe Centers On N.C.’s 9th District, A Cynical Cloud Settles In

From Fox News:  North Carolina elections officials resigns amid voter fraud controversy: ‘Things have gotten way out of hand’

From the News and Observer:  ‘The guru of Bladen County’ is at the center of NC’s election troubles

Understanding the elections fraud allegations in North Carolina’s 9th District

Robeson County sounded alarms last summer–now State is investigating election

Journalists have done great work on the Bladen County voting story. Keep it up.

From Politico Magazine:

Distrustful, Desperate and Forgotten: a recipe for voter fraud by Michael Graff 

From Greensboro News and Record: GOP House candidate would back new election if fraud show

From WTVD:

Democrat withdraws his concession amid 9th District probe

Bladen County: State Board of Elections issues subpoenas to Harris campaign, others in 9th District flap

From WRAL: Updated 12/12 Affidavit: Man at center of 9th District investigation had hundreds of ballots

Congressman calls for hearings over 9th District results

From WFAE:

In Harris-Pittenger Race, ‘Unusual’ Bladen County Absentee Mail Votes Poured In For Harris

New reports emerge of alleged election fraud in the 9th District

From WSOC TV: Man at center of election fraud investigation has criminal past

From Charlotte Observer:

NC elections board refuses to certify 9th District race, leaving it in limbo

In 2 NC counties, election fraud claims are nothing new 

Who is Leslie McCrae Dowless?

‘An innocent victim’: Amid election fraud claims, NC GOP defends Mark Harris

Republicans want to end NC election fraud investigation

From Popular.infoVice Chair of Bladen County Board for Elections Abruptly Resigns

Updated 12/12 VOX: https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/12/11/18134636/north-carolina-9-election-fraud-voter-fraud

Updated 12/12 The Hill: GOP opens door to new NC election amid fraud claims

From BladenOnline.com: 

Attorney for McCrae Dowless issues statement

NC legislature adopts bill requiring new primary if new election ordered

Bladen votes under investigation by NC elections board; elected officials may not be sworn in

Bladen County Sheriff McVicker election campaign documents subpoena

My short view: On voter fraud in Bladen and beyond

Bladen votes under investigation by NC elections board; elected officials may not be sworn in

Updated news about Bladen County Election Investigations

No date for hearing on alleged election irregularities in Bladen County

Ballot envelopes seized from Bladen County Board of Elections