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Bladen County has dry, low-humidity weather this May. According to Bladen County Fire Marshal Kenneth Clark, recent dry weather with increased winds and lower humidity have increased wildfire danger in Bladen County. Current dry weather conditions have led to situations requiring multiple agencies and fire departments to control fire danger. Bladen County remains at extreme levels with little to no chance of rain in the forecast.

Therefore today the Fire Marshal of Bladen County made a proclamation pursuant to Section 307 of the Fire Prevention Code of North Carolina, as the Fire Marshal and authorized Fire Official of Bladen County, all bonfires and outdoor rubbish fires are prohibited in Bladen County until further notice.

This proclamation shall become effective at noon (12:00 p.m. EDT), May 24, 2021, and shall remain in effect until local conditions indicate that the hazardous period has passed.

The citizens of Bladen County are urged to do everything possible to minimize the risk of fire during this period.

This restriction shall extend outward from all residential structures 100 feet. This proclamation does not prohibit outdoor charcoal or gas grills, provided precautions are taken to prevent fire from escaping those appliances.

According to Clark, the Burn Ban is in effect for all of District 8, which includes counties surrounding Bladen County.

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