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Bladen County Sheriff’s Office and Bladen County Emergency Medical Services have been working together to provide preventative action plans if the need were to arise that may threaten our children’s safety or their life while at school.

Yesterday, September 13, 2022 around 6:00pm BCSO and BCEMS simulated an active shooter with casualties training at West Bladen High School. During this training, both departments simulated different scenarios for which immediate emergency medic care would be needed to prevent loss of life.

Director David Howell with Bladen County EMS and Captain Daniel Clark with Bladen County Sheriff’s Office led this training and pulled out all the stops to make it as realistic as possible. A high stress environment was created with auditory aids such as screaming, gun fire and radios.

Thank you to West Bladen High School for allowing us to use the facilities. Aaron Herring, Chief Deputy with Columbus County Sheriff’s Office provided additional guidance as he is on the training Committee for North Carolina Emergency Management District 5. The family members of Sergeant Barry Pait volunteered as wounded victims.

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