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Bladen County Register of Deeds Beverly Parks is pleased to announce a new service provided free of charge to citizens and real property owners in Bladen County. This new service is called “Property Notification” and is a website that will send an e-mail to registered users when a name that they have registered appears on a document filed in the office.

There are links to the new Property Notification site on the Register of Deeds homepage and the Register of Deeds land record site. In addition, you can click on this link to access the site: https://www.logansystems.com/PropertyNotification/Description?AgencyId=17

The site allows citizens to register their names and be notified by e-mail whenever any document is filed in the office with that name. In addition, it allows people to keep an eye out for family members and receive notification if any documents are filed with their names. The e-mail that is sent when there is a name match will contain the name matched, date filing, and the book and page reference. A link will also be provided to the image of the document on the Bladen County Register of Deeds land record search site.

“We are pleased to offer this service free of charge to those impacted by documents filed in our office. I have heard reports that this type of activity is on the rise in North Carolina and across the nation,” Parks stated, “I feel that it is my responsibility, as Bladen County’s Register of Deeds, to take every step possible to protect the citizens and property owners of Bladen County.”

She added, “If there is a fraudulent or otherwise inappropriate filing in our office, we hope that this timely notice to registered users will allow that fraud to be addressed quickly to mitigate any damages.”

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