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There are things going on around us–local, statewide, and nationally–that are affecting the conservative. law and order, common-sense message of the Republican Party.

Take note of these news snippets, and ALWAYS remain informed, aware, and up-to-speed on what the Democrats are attempting to do in their efforts to dismantle and destroy our constitutional republic–because they are!  We are facing unprecedented challenges to our traditional American values, ethics, morality, and culture, and it is not by accident that these massive, destructive riots are taking place all across the country. They are PLANNED, they are DELIBERATE, and they are being encouraged with an end-game in mind, and that is to topple our republic, and replace it with a socialist/Marxist political and social structure.

This is nothing new, folks. It has been tried–repeatedly–thru-out history, and it has failed every time. The single thing that defeats socialist/Marxists, however, is when an informed public rises up in dissent, and fights back for its freedoms!  Our constitution was not written by ignorant old white men. It was written by men who–one and all–were accomplished men, educated men, well-schooled in history, philosophy, and (many of them) successful businessmen, farmers, and merchants who understood the benefits and the contributions which capitalism, and a solid religious foundation, would offer as the foundation for the new republic which came to be known as the United States of America.

As Ronald Reagan once pointed out–freedom is not inherited thru the blood line. It has to be fought for with each generation, and now is OUR time to once again recognize that–as perhaps never before–our constitutional republic is enduring a direct and violent threat to overthrow and destroy it, and we simply MUST fight for it, or we will lose it!

Democrats are clinging to a failed notion of liberal/progressivism which is of no benefit whatsoever to America, and the Democrat Party has been co-opted by socialist/Marxists. This is not the Democrat Party of 60 or even 100 years ago, when, perhaps, they could have been considered the party of the working man. No–today’s Democrat Party is focused on one thing, and one thing only–absolute control–absolute authority over every aspect of your life, and they will stop at nothing–NOTHING–to regain the White House, the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. House of Representatives, in addition to every single state House and Senate seat that they can get!  And let’s not forget all of the LOCAL political offices as well, such as county Board of Commissioners!  As you may have often heard–all politics starts local, and in the case of Bladen County the challenge starts right here!! We MUST elect solid, conservative-minded men and women to office, and that means voting solid Republican.  

At the polls, or whether you vote by mail, or whether you vote by absentee ballot–the choice is very clear. Cast your vote for Republicans in this election, or we stand the desperate chance of losing America as we know it!

Thanks for being a concerned, informed, and involved Bladen County voter!

Wayne Schaeffer

Bladen County GOP Chairman


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