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On Friday, September 22, 2023, a sense of pride and unity filled the air at the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office as they hosted an Oath of Office/Promotion Ceremony. This special occasion marked the welcoming of three new dedicated individuals to the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office family and the recognition of three esteemed veterans through well-deserved promotions.

The ceremony showcased the commitment and dedication of the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office to ensure the safety and well-being of its community. The new recruits taking the Oath that day were Izaya Willis Barrett, who joined as a Detention Center Officer, Wanda Michelle Boler, also taking on the role of Detention Center Officer, and Joshua Taylor Mills, who proudly assumed the position of Deputy Sheriff.

The inclusion of these new staff members was a significant moment, signifying their commitment to upholding the values and mission of the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office. Their dedication to public service and the community was evident as they took their Oath of Office, pledging to protect and serve with honor and integrity.

However, the celebration didn’t end there. The ceremony also shone a spotlight on the contributions and achievements of three staff members who had earned well-deserved promotions. Among those promoted was Vernon Dewitt Beard, Jr., who ascended to the rank of Corporal in the Detention Center. Jordan Timothy Kita was recognized for his outstanding service and was promoted to the rank of Corporal in the Patrol Division. Natasha Raquel Skipworth, who had been promoted to the rank of Captain in December 2022, received the recognition she rightfully deserved.

Natasha Raquel Skipworth’s promotion, although celebrated later, was a testament to her exceptional leadership and dedication to the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office. Her journey from Deputy to Captain was marked by unwavering commitment and a deep sense of duty.

The Bladen County Sheriff’s Office community, both new and seasoned members, came together to celebrate these achievements. The Oath of Office/Promotion Ceremony symbolized not only the growth of the department but also its continued dedication to maintaining a high standard of law enforcement.

As community members, it’s important to recognize the significance of these promotions and the addition of new talent. These officers and staff members are the backbone of our community’s safety. When you encounter Izaya Willis Barrett, Wanda Michelle Boler, Joshua Taylor Mills, Vernon Dewitt Beard, Jr., Jordan Timothy Kita, or Natasha Raquel Skipworth, please take a moment to congratulate them for their commitment and service.

In conclusion, the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office Oath of Office/Promotion Ceremony was an occasion, highlighting the department’s commitment to excellence and the betterment of the community. It’s a reminder that our safety and security depend on the dedication of these officers and staff members who work tirelessly to protect and serve Bladen County. Congratulations to all those who were celebrated on this special day, and may they continue to shine as beacons of hope and security for our community.

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