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A staff report with contributed photos.

In a heartwarming display of compassion, the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) has once again proven their commitment to the well-being of furry friends. Sgt. Korey Bryant, while refueling at the Minuteman Gas Mart in Tar Heel, NC, encountered a sweet puppy perilously navigating the road.

Sgt. Bryant said, “I rode over to check on her and she hoped right in my patrol car.” He added, “She looked like she belongs to someone so I checked the surrounding houses.”

Demonstrating kindness, Sgt. Bryant ensured the safety of the pup and collaborated with Bladen County Animal Control to find its home.

This marks the second canine rescue by BCSO personnel in just a month. Deputy K. Lemaster, during a patrol on January 2, spotted a dog in need. Without hesitation, he opened his patrol car door, and the furry friend eagerly hopped into his lap.

Deputy Lamaster said, “When I opened my patrol car door he jumped right in my lap, and you know I’m a softy for animals.”

Deputy Lemaster, known for his soft spot for animals, successfully reunited the dog, named Buffy, with its grateful owner. The BCSO’s dedication to protecting both human and animal residents shines through these heartening acts of kindness.

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