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Two businesses in Bladen County celebrated their new location on Monday with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The Elizabethtown-White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and Pastor Jason Lee with Dublin First Baptist Church helped lead BladenOnline.com and Cape Fear Heating & Cooling, LLC’s celebration.

Dignitaries such as Representative William Brisson with the North Carolina House, Bladen County Commissioner Charles Ray Peterson, Honorable Beverly Parks with the Bladen County Register of Deeds Office, Town of Elizabethtown Council member Ricky Leinwand, Town Manger Eddie Madden, and Bladen Community College President Amanda Lee, VP Saundra Guyton, Former Mayor of Dublin, Horace Wyatt and Bladen County Sheriff Deputy Chief Mac Warner were all in attendance. Other business owners, customers, family members and friends all gathered to help celebrate the occasion.

The two businesses also received assistance during the festivities from NC Queen of Hope Taylor Wheeless, Bladen County Miss July 4th Hannah Wheeless and Miss Dublin Peanut Festival Alyssa Bell.

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Pastor Lee gave the invocation and Mrs. Terri Dennison with the Chamber gave a brief introduction and welcomed the businesses to town.

Daine Smith with Cape Fear Heating & Cooling, LLC had his grandfather, Herman Smith, dad Alan Smith and two sons A.J. and Paul Smith behind him as he addressed the crowd. Daine said, “I’m just so grateful. It’s a great show of support and we are so grateful for each and everyone of you.”

He added, “I didn’t anticipate this at all. This is just so sweet. Thank you.”

Charlotte Smith with BladenOnline.com had her family and the Founder of BladenOnline.com, Robert Hester around her as well. She invited everyone in for food, prizes and giveaways.

She said, “Thank you to everybody here. You guys are just a blessing. Thank you!”

BladenOnline.com and Cape Fear Heating & Cooling, LLC moved from their location in Clarkton to 1110 S. Poplar Street in Elizabethtown.

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