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Bladenboro Town Board discusses J C Pallet

By Erin Smith

The Bladenboro Town Board met on Monday and dealt with several agenda items. The board discussed the parking situation along Grief Street near the J. C. Pallet Company. Mayor Rufus Duckworth said, “J. C. Pallet has corrected the problem.”

Mayor Duckworth emphasized that the company was not doing anything wrong with their handling of the parking situation prior to making changes.

In other business:

*The board voted to approve a pay and classification plan update.

*The board approved the bid award for a code enforcement action at 605 5th Street in Bladenboro. The bid was awarded to K and S Trackhoe Service in the amount of $2,105 for the removal of the structure.

*The board approved Foster Consulting to administer the Community Development Block Grant-I.

*In a related matter, the board approved the naming of Mayor Duckworth, Town Clerk Melanie Hester, Town Commissioner Jeff Atkinson, and and Town Administrator John O’Daniel as signers for the Community Development Block Grant-I. The town requires two signatures on all checks.

*The board approved a conditional use permit for Eddie’s Fruit Stand. The fruit stand sells strawberries and other items and is located near Hester’s Tire.

*The board also approved an amendment to the Bladenboro Police Department’s Standard Operating Procedures to address the deployment of stop sticks. Mayor Rufus Duckworth said the adoption of the amendment was more of a formality and addresses the proper procedure for the deployment of stop sticks.

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