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By Charlotte Smith

As promised by Terry Nance of DeVane Builders in the Autumn issue of Bladen County Beautiful magazine, the eagerly anticipated “New Town Square” project in downtown Bladenboro, North Carolina, has reached its completion stage. This exciting development features two beautifully designed brick buildings connected by a charming deck boardwalk and ample new parking facilities.

Chuck Heustess, the Director of Bladen County Economic Development, enthusiastically revealed that several merchants have already begun moving into the area. He further highlighted the need for an operator for the restaurant space within the square, signaling a golden opportunity for an enterprising restaurateur.

Nance, confirming the readiness of the restaurant for business, emphasized that all necessary amenities are in place. He stated, “We are currently in the process of adding the finishing touches, primarily the countertops. Apart from that, it’s ready to go unless a tenant requires specific up-fit changes or modifications.”

Heustess elaborated on the economic prospects tied to the new restaurant by stating, “We extend our invitations to veterans and entrepreneurs who are eager to embark on a new business venture. We are offering an exceptional incentive package that presents an attractive opportunity for potential operators.”

For information about the opportunity, contact Heustess at 910-645-2292 or e-mail edc@bladenco.org.

The “New Town Square” project encompasses more than just the restaurant space. In addition to the restaurant, the square accommodates a diverse mix of businesses, enriching the community’s amenities. These include a barbershop, a beauty salon, a healthcare-related establishment, and two retail spaces, with a shared office space thoughtfully integrated between them.

Completing the “New Town Square” enhances the town’s aesthetics and fosters economic growth and community engagement. With its blend of modern design and a welcoming atmosphere, the “New Town Square” is set to become a hub of activity and a source of pride for the residents of Bladenboro. As merchants set up shop and the restaurant space awaits its operator, the square promises to be a vibrant center of commerce and social interaction for many years.

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