Dublin Primary
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By Bladen County Schools

Students at Dublin Primary School (DPS) will have plenty to read over their summer break, thanks to Book Harvest, an organization based in Durham, NC.

Susie Holland, a retired school librarian, and former Dublin Primary School classroom teacher, was instrumental in making this program possible. Knowing first-hand how critical reading is to a student’s education, Holland applied for a $500 grant with Book Harvest to support the Books on Break Program at DPS. Holland was thrilled when her grant application was approved, but then much to her surprise, Book Harvest decided to fund the entire program for DPS—every student at the school would get to choose ten books to take home and keep.

For Holland, the experience brought back a flood of memories as she saw the joy on the students faces as they carefully selected what books they would take home. Marc Edge, Principal at DPS, couldn’t agree more, “a highlight of this experience was the opportunity our students had to choose books that interest them. If students have access to books they truly want to read, we can continue to improve their reading skills and inspire them to be readers for life!”

Book Harvest set up at the school for two days, with hundreds of books available for students to choose from—spanning all reading levels and covering a variety of interests.

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