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Hello Bladen County! I am Althea Dixon Weaver (formerly Althea D. Lesane) and I want to be your next Clerk of Superior Court for Bladen County. I am a lifelong resident of this great county currently residing with my husband Greg in the southeastern area of the county in East Arcadia. I am a people person with a BIG smile and service is engrained in my spirit. I am the offspring of parents who volunteered and worked in public service all their lives. My father, the late Willie Dixon, served as Mayor of East Arcadia for 33 years. I want to pause and focus on the purpose of the office of the Clerk of Superior Court. Unlike other offices being sought by candidates, it must be clearly understood the function of the Clerk of Superior Court’s Office is to manage the administrative needs of the court system. There is absolutely NO political party or positioning involved with carrying out the duties of this office. There should not be a Democratic, Republican, or Unaffiliated driven force in this office. It is solely in place to provide the citizens of Bladen County administrative support for meeting their judicial needs by being the “keeper of the court record”. I worked in the Clerk’s Office for 30 years, beginning my career under the leadership of the Honorable Hilda H. Coleman in 1992. I hold with great esteem that my campaign has received the endorsement of Mrs. Hilda Coleman who served as the elected Clerk for approximately 17 years. I also have the support and endorsement of my first supervisor, retired Assistant Clerk of Superior Court, Mrs. Margaret Hester. It is with this leadership that I began to build my work ethic and professional relationships with the citizens of Bladen County taking my place in an efficiently run judicial family. I also attribute my 30 years of service to the growth of professional working relationships with judges on both the District and Superior Court levels, District Attorneys and their staff, lawyers both locally and from across the state, magistrates, and various entities of law enforcement to include Sheriff’s Office, State Highway Patrol, Municipal law enforcement, and Probation/Parole officers and staff. As the Juvenile Court Clerk for 20+ years, I worked daily with the Department of Social Services and the Department of Juvenile Justice. It was our daily mission to serve and administer the judicial needs of all citizens of Bladen County regardless of political affiliation, race, age, gender, or socio-economic status in the community. I will be a working clerk for ALL citizens of Bladen County. My foundation of working, communicating, and listening will remain my platform as your Elected Clerk of Superior Court. I have worked in all departments while growing levels of authority. My career has given me the opportunity to serve under three elected Clerks of Superior Court. I will bring to the citizens a knowledgeable, patient, working, and respectful staff. You will be greeted with a smile and a mission that you receive the results necessary and that you leave feeling satisfied knowing that whenever the need arises……we are here. With this, I humbly ask the citizens of Bladen County to allow me to lead this very important judicial office by electing ALTHEA DIXON WEAVER Clerk of Superior Court. Thank you.

Paid for by Committee to Elect Althea D. Weaver CSC