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Candy Kabobs!

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Materials:               Candy-Kabobs-615x1024                                                                        

  • Variety of soft/gummy themed candies
  • bamboo skewers
  • clear bags
  • ribbon


– Choose a variety of candies–most used between about 10 & 15 per skewer, depending on candy size.

– Insert candies onto the skewer, pressing the candies a little more than halfway down on the skewer. Alternate styles, sizes, flavors, and/or colors. Tips: Be careful with the bamboo skewers, the end is definitely really pointed! So, make sure you don’t poke yourself (and this of course, is what kids need the most help with).  Also, make sure that the skewer only gets inserted about halfway through the top candy (so that the skewer doesn’t poke out the top).