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In Elizabethtown, Alex Munroe, owner of Cape Fear Winery, has been in the hand sanitizer business for the past several months. Ever since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic,Munroe and his staff have been making and selling hand sanitizer at their distillery in the industrial park in Elizabethtown.

Munroe had the equipment available in his distillery to be able to make the hand sanitizer with permission from the Tax and Trade Bureau, who regulates distillers. Since starting this business venture, Munroe has sold hand sanitizers all over the United States. Munroe recently sold several thousand gallons of hand sanitizer to an online golf retailer and to a national cell phone account.

Bladen County Sheriff Jim McVicker and Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram have been big supporters of Munroe. They have purchased numerous gallons of the product for their sheriff’s offices and county governments. The sheriffs have also made other sheriff’s, county governments, and individuals aware of the local supply of sanitizer.Recently, Munroe donated hand sanitizer to Sheriff McVicker and Sheriff Ingram to show appreciation for the support of the sheriff in using and purchasing his product.“We are just grateful for the friendships and the opportunities that we have had during this epidemic to keep our business going”.  “It has been a blessing for us during this time”, said Munroe owner and chief executive officer of Cape Fear Winery.

If you need hand sanitizer, shop locally and contact Cape Fear Distillery at (910) 645-4291.

Shown from left to right are Sheriff McVicker, Munroe, and Sheriff Ingram

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