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A staff report

This Memorial Day, Monday, May 27, 2024, the town of Clarkton proudly celebrated Memorial Day with its first Community Day Parade in 25 years. The parade was organized by Mayor Jerome Myers to honor the nation’s heroes and bring the community together in a show of patriotism and unity.

“This is a glorious day. This is a great event,” said Mayor Myers. “I think there’s a lot more participation than I expected. So, maybe next year when we do this again, or maybe in the fall, it’ll be an even greater success.”

The parade kicked off at 10:30 a.m. from the north end of US Highway 701 Business, near the EJ Cox building on North College Street. The lineup began at 9:30 a.m., with the community eagerly gathering to witness the festivities. Perry Marlow Grant served as the Armour Bearer, and Mayor Jerome Myers took on the role of Parade Marshal, leading the procession.

Mayor Myers explained his motivation for reviving the parade: “It hasn’t been done in 25 years, and it needs to be done. We’re trying to grow Clarkton, and this is one way to get started.”

The turnout exceeded expectations, with streets lined with enthusiastic spectators. “I appreciate the interest of the community to get this thing done. I really do,” added Myers, expressing his gratitude for the community’s support.

A special highlight of the parade was the tribute to United States Military Veterans. Mayor Myers encouraged veterans who were able to walk to join the third element of the parade. The goal was to have at least 25 veterans proudly walking, honoring Memorial Day and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

During and after the parade, the crowd enthusiastically enjoyed the array of food and other vendors set up along the street. One attendee remarked, the “Southernboii Cuisine”, our food vendor from Whiteville, served up an impressive array of delicious food.”

The success of this year’s parade has set a promising precedent for future community events, with hopes of continuing to foster Clarkton’s growth and community spirit. As the parade came to a close, the community’s sense of pride and togetherness was palpable, marking a memorable and meaningful Memorial Day in Clarkton.

Watch the parade from BladenOnline’s Facebook Live post linked below.

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