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CHARLOTTE – In a live Sunday afternoon interview with Fox News anchor Eric Shawn, Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09) praised President Donald Trump’s support for the Iranian pro-democracy movement and discussed the importance of American leaders speaking out for freedom.


“We’re so grateful the President stood strong for those who are going to the streets in Iran seeking freedom.  I speak every summer at a major rally in Paris for those who are seeking freedom and regime change. 


“We need to stand strong. The United States provides moral clarity for those seeking freedom throughout the world.  That’s so important.  They need to hear from us.  They want to hear from us.  It makes a difference when America speaks out.  If America continues to stand strong and speaks in their behalf, we can see real regime change in that country.”


Click here for full video of Congressman Pittenger’s Fox News interview on the importance of supporting the Iranian pro-democracy movement.


On July 1st, Congressman Robert Pittenger spoke to over 100,000 people at the pro-democracy “Grand Gathering of Iranians for #FreeIran” rally in Villepinte, France. 

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