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By Cara Beth Lewis

Today, Bladen County Health and Human Services agency reported 178 active COVID-19 cases. Bladen County has not seen a number this low since the end of July. 

Let’s compare. One month ago today, there were 400 active COVID-19 cases reported by Bladen County Health and Human Services Agency. On that day, August 24th, there were 4,507 cumulative cases in Bladen County. Today, exactly one month later, on September 24th 2021, there are 178 active cases, and 5,221 cumulative cases.

Here are the numbers of active and cumulative cases reported daily this past week, from BCHHS:

  • Monday, September 20: 245 active cases, 5,160 cumulative cases.

  • Tuesday, September 21: 240 active cases, 5,174 cumulative cases.

  • Wednesday, September 22: 203 active cases, 5,190 cumulative cases.

  • Thursday, September 23: 189 active cases, 5,202 cumulative cases. 

  • Friday, September 24: 178 active cases, 5,221 cumulative cases.


For more information and COVID-19 resources, contact the Bladen County COVID-19 Hotline at (910) 872-6291.

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