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ROSE HILL – Duplin Winery, the South’s largest winery, announces the release of a new, one-of-a-kind wine that is captivating wine lovers of every taste and is redefining what a sweet wine can be.

The first-in-the-world Muscadine Moscato is a blend of the honey-floral tasting notes of Moscato meeting with the classic sweet of Muscadine, creating a brand new, refined white wine.

To create Muscadine Moscato, Duplin Winery turned to premium Moscato grapes, a Nielsen-reported top 10 U.S. varietal celebrated for its smooth character, and melded them with the company’s award-winning Muscadine wine.

“Muscadine Moscato is the best wine we’ve ever made, hands down,” Duplin co-owner Dave Fussell Jr. said. “We’re the first to do this and no one can do it like we can.”

The easy drinking Muscadine Moscato features sweet, yet mellow, hints of nectarine and white peach and is best served lightly chilled or ice cold.

“Classy and sassy is how I would describe Duplin Muscadine Moscato,” Fussell said. “You get just a hint of that distinctive muscadine flavor and a sun-drenched, crystal-clear, medium sweetness. It’s hard to drink one glass, and that’s coming from me, a Duplin dry wine drinker.”

Duplin expects to add another wine to its new Muscadine Moscato line later this year, but the Fussells said they are keeping that new flavor and its release date a family secret.

Duplin Muscadine Moscato is $9.99 per bottle and available at Duplin Winery locations in Rose Hill and North Myrtle Beach, S.C. The wine will also be offered at Duplin’s soon-to-open Panama City Beach, Fla., location set to open in the spring. The wine may be purchased online at duplinwinery.com. Some southeast supermarkets will also carry it.

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