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Elizabethtown To Implement Voluntary Junk Vehicle Disposal Assistance Program

By Joy Warren

In response to the growing problem of junk car throughout the town, Billie Hall with the Planning Department presented a brief overview to the Elizabethtown Town Council at its June meeting Monday evening.

Hall (pictured) said that the presence of abandoned, nuisance, and junked motor vehicles can threaten the character and safety of a neighborhood by 1) Causing deterioration of neighborhoods due to visual blight, which affects property values; 2) Increasing criminal conduct associated with inoperable and junk vehicles; 3) Increasing public health and safety problems by creating attractive nuisances for children, and providing a habitat for rodents, insects and other pests.

The Town of Elizabethtown has approached this problem through the adoption of ordinances (Chapter 90), which prohibit the storage of these vehicles. Hall said, “While there are many economic and social factors that may cause someone to abandon their vehicle, we, at the Town of Elizabethtown, believe that it is the work of the Town to respond to the needs of its citizens by providing services to the community and keeping our community clean.”

To that end, the town has created a Junk Vehicle Disposal Assistance Program to help citizens get rid of these vehicles at no cost. In July and August, staff will identify abandoned, nuisance and junked vehicles in the town and make contact with property owners, occupants or renters of lessees with a contract for free removal of declared nuisance vehicles. Property owners also may contact the Town for participation in the program.

During July through September, verified vehicles will be removed for free. Beginning Oct. 1 any vehicles verified as abandoned, nuisance, or junked will be considered in violation of the Town’s Code of Ordinance Chapter 90 and will be subject to removal of property at the owner’s expense.

For more information, contact the Town of Elizabethtown at 862-2066.

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