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A staff report

April marks Stress Awareness Month, and in its timely recognition, the Bladen County Health and Human Services Agency is emphasizing the importance of identifying stress signals and taking proactive steps to address mental well-being. Stress can manifest in various forms, such as trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating, feeling overwhelmed, and changes in appetite. These signs, vividly illustrated in the agency’s latest informational graphic, serve as a common language for understanding our mental state and recognizing when to seek help.

Acknowledging these symptoms is the first step toward managing stress. The agency urges the community not to overlook these signs but to see them as indicators for action. Whether it’s through lifestyle adjustments, stress management techniques, or seeking professional support, there are multiple paths to better mental health.

For those seeking guidance, resources are readily available. The Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Use Services offers comprehensive support and can be accessed online, providing a range of services tailored to individual needs.

If immediate support is needed, the Peer Warm Line at 1-855-PEERS NC (855-733-7762) is a valuable resource. Operated by individuals who have experienced mental health challenges themselves, this line offers a comforting ear and the wisdom of personal experience.

The Bladen County Health and Human Services Agency stands as a beacon of support, reminding everyone that managing stress is not a journey to be walked alone. There are actions you can take and resources within reach to help maintain your mental health. Remember, taking care of yourself includes seeking support when you experience signs of stress.

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