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By: Erin Smith

Pump TestingThe Elizabethtown Fire Department was a hub of activity on Wednesday morning with fire trucks undergoing pump testing.  The purpose of pump testing the trucks is to ensure proper water flows and to detect any potential problems that could arise from routine use, said Elizabethtown Fire Chief Nick West.

Chief West said the testing is done annually. The test measures things such as flow, a priming test, the pump pressures, the fluid levels, the volume the truck can pump, etc.

The purpose is to ensure all parts of the truck are operating properly. Chief West said the crew that tests the trucks will take care of any items that are found to not be functioning unless they are major issues. He said if the truck is found to be deficient in any areas of the testing, it will be repaired.

In addition to the annual pump testing, Chief West said each truck is inspected each week and the equipment is inventoried. The annual pump test actually “puts a load on the truck” that simulates what the truck might undergo at a fire scene with the idea being to detect potential problems or maintenance issues before they occur.

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