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Weobbles-photoThis week we have taken the time to interview some people about their opinions on the proposed school closings. Our first interview was with a retired Bladen County school teacher, Ms. Theresa Wuebbles, who was also one of the founding members of Clarkton School of Discovery.

Ms. Wuebbles now lives out of state, but wanted to take the time to voice her stand on the hot topic of school closings in Bladen County. Ms. Wuebbles expressed concerns about the proposed school closings because she feels like it is “the heart of Clarkton”. Wuebbles goes into detail about the many reasons she feels Clarkton School of Discovery should not be closed.

We have uploaded her interview on our YouTube channel and Facebook page. You may watch the video below:

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After her interview Ms. Wuebbles said, “I also don’t feel they should move Project Challenge to Elizabethtown Middle because the parents of those students [Project Challenge students] will not choose to send their children to Elizabethtown Middle, they will take them out of public education and send them to charter schools, private schools, or home school them. And then our Bladen County school system will become that much weaker.”

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We will be publishing all our interviews on our YouTube channel and on Facebook. If you would like to voice your opinion about the highly debated school closings proposal, contact us at bladenonline.com@gmail.com or call us (910)879-1029.

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