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by Leyton Ezzell

Every year, on October 31, we celebrate a time of frights and free treats. This widely regarded celebration is known as Halloween, and it’s not all just pumpkins and candy.

According to History.com, Halloween originally started as an ancient Celtic ritual to celebrate the arrival of their new year on November 1, also called Samhain. On that day, 2,000-years ago, Celts built huge bonfires where the people would give offerings for a good harvest and the dead’s spirits.

By the 9th century, the Roman influence spread to the Celt’s region and mixed with their culture. The Catholic Church made November 2 All Souls’ Day, and the Celt’s holiday began to be known as All-Hallow’s eve. All Souls’ Day and All-Hallow’s eve were celebrated in much the same ways.

Eventually, the festivities became known as Halloween. Halloween became split between its original European concept and the American version of Halloween. When the celebrations came to the American colonies, colonial New England had a much more rigid Protestant belief system, so Halloween wasn’t widely celebrated. However, it was celebrated in the southern colonies.

In present-day America, Halloween is celebrated on October 31. It is widely recognized in many forms of festivities and celebrations. The COVID-19 Pandemic has not stopped Bladen County from celebrating the mysterious occasion.

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Photo by Bladen County Public Library Staff

The Bladen County Public Library adapted this year and provided a Candy Walk Halloween event on October 22, 2020. According to Mrs. Mandy Butler, the library planned for 35 kids to participate in the event. However, there were 79 people, including kids and adults, who participated in the celebration. The library staff handed out goodies, staged hay bales, and pumpkins for decoration, and a fog machine made the event even more festive.

“We technically didn’t have a party, we had our tables set up, and it was a walk-through,” said Mrs. Butler. Participants dressed as scary nurses, doctors, princesses, and superheroes.

There are two other events coming up on Halloween, October 31, 2020. Dublin First Baptist Church announced a Harvest Hunt Magic Tricks and Treat event to be held from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. on Saturday. The church is located at 7275 Albert Street in Dublin.

Last but not least, Foundation Church announced a Tent or Treat from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. will be held at their church located on 909 S. Poplar Street in Elizabethtown.

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