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Over the weekend, volunteers at Harmony Hall Village rolled up their sleeves and embarked on a series of impactful initiatives, showcasing their dedication to preserving local heritage and fostering community spirit. From cleanup efforts to engaging guest speakers, the village witnessed a flurry of activity, thanks to the collective efforts of passionate individuals.

Saturday: Clean Up Day and Volunteer Orientation

The bustling weekend commenced with Clean Up Day and Volunteer Orientation, kicking off at 10 a.m. on Saturday. Eager volunteers convened to lend a hand in sprucing up the village grounds, focusing on areas surrounding the historic house and the front general store. Fueling their efforts was a shared sense of camaraderie and purpose, as participants worked tirelessly to beautify their shared space. 

Among the diligent volunteers was Boy Scout Kenneth Rhodie, Jr., accompanied by his father, Kenneth, Sr. Together, they tackled the task of cleaning out the gatehouse, exemplifying the spirit of service ingrained in organizations like Troop 600. Their dedication resonated with fellow volunteers, inspiring others to join in the collective endeavor.

The cleanup efforts also saw the active participation of East Bladen High School’s History Club students, who lent their energy to the cleanout of the corn crib. Led by dedicated club members and students such as Chandler Bordeaux, Emily Lewis, and Jackson Bridgers, the group demonstrated their commitment to preserving local history for future generations. Jadon Pridgen, with his lawn care business, made swift contributions with his trusty leaf blower, underscoring the diverse talents and contributions within the community.

Sunday: Guest Speaker Event

On Sunday afternoon, the village welcomed guest speaker Marcia Herman-Giddens, who shared insights from her book and her experiences as a Richardson descendant. Her presentation, “Black History Month – Unloose My Heart,” provided a poignant reflection on the rich tapestry of history and heritage woven into the fabric of Harmony Hall Village.

In the aftermath of the busy weekend, board members of Harmony Hall Village extended their heartfelt appreciation to all volunteers, acknowledging their hard work and unwavering dedication. Their efforts not only enhanced the physical landscape of the village but also strengthened the bonds of community and shared purpose that define Harmony Hall’s legacy.

As the echoes of the weekend’s activities fade, the spirit of volunteerism and community engagement continues to thrive at Harmony Hall Village.

Harmony Hall Village, a tourist attraction and historical site in Bladen County, NC, located at 1615 River Road in White Oak, North Carolina.

For more information or to rent Harmony Hall Village for an event call, President, Emily Turner at 910-214-9992, or email harmonyhallwhiteoak@gmail.com.

Find out more about this historic tourist attraction at the website, harmonyhallvillage.org.

*Updated – Emily Turner, the President of Harmony Hall Village, has provided updated photos and her contact details. Consequently, the original file photos have been replaced with the new ones contributed by her, and the contact information for the non-profit has been refreshed.

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