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Elizabethtown- Food Round Up for the North Carolina Baptist Children’s Home has been underway all month. Food Round Up is an annual event where food is collected for the children’s home. Healthworks Fitness & Wellness has a special campaign through the end of April to help with mission of Bladen Baptist and Food Round Up.

Part of Healthworks’ “Spring into Action” campaign allows community members to donate 10 cans of food until the end of April and the membership application fee is waived for new members.
Tiffany McGill, Healthworks General Manager, dropped off the first round of donated cans to the Bladen Baptist Association Monday morning. McGill said, “Healthworks is very proud and honored to help the Bladen Baptist Association and the North Carolina Baptist Children’s Home.”
There is still time to donate. Food may be dropped of at the Bladen Baptist Association or you may drop off 10 cans of food at Healthworks Fitness and Wellness by Thursday, April 30th. Remember, when you donated 10 cans of food at Healthworks, your membership application fee will be waived. 

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