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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) has affected many families in Bladen County and surrounding areas. Two organizations have joined forces to fight for an ALS cure.

Sandra Robbins with Stevens Stompers sent a press release on how the public can help.

“You can play a critical role in helping fight for a cure. If you or a loved one has ever been diagnosed with ALS, we would like to gather a few simple data points to submit a research proposal to several well-respected national programs to study our area. We ask for the following information:

• Name of ALS patient (optional)
• Gender
• Date of diagnosis
• Age at the time of diagnosis
• Address (can be generalized to a street and town)
• Type of ALS (Sporadic, Familial, Bulbar, Other)

The information will only be used to create a map to show any specific density of patient population to help draw interest from a research entity. Your information will not be used for further solicitation or sold to any third-party source.”

Please contact either Sandra Robbins at stevensstompers@gmail.com or Shaun Stripling at shaun.stripling@gmail.com.

Robbins added, May is the national ALS Awareness Month, please consider supporting NC Aim for A Cure on May 13.


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