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By: Dora Brogdon

Everyone can admit that school is hard even with the Internet at our fingertips. But with technology advancing and something new coming out almost everyday, students now have an advantage that can help them overcome their demanding school life.

The first out of many of these helpful apps is Alarmy: Sleep If You Can! This alarm can help those that love to hit that snooze button get to class on time. Now Alarmy isn’t your normal alarm app, this one requires you to do some activities. Some of these activities include taking a picture of a specific item or simply shaking your phone before the alarm stops.

The second helpful app is Evernote. It allows the user to organize any personal projects, take notes and create your own to do list. And if you don’t feel like writing down or typing up your notes then you are able to scan, digitize, and organize! Evernote also lets you sync anywhere across your devices. You are able to share your ideas with others to get things done faster.

The final helpful app for this short list is Quizlet. This app allows you to create your own way to study! You can race against the clock in Match or put your memory to the test with Write. It also can give you a head start on prepping for your SAT or ACT tests that may show up in your future!

Each of these apps can help a student stay organized, arrive on time for class, and study like a pro.

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