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A year has come and gone since Homestead Christian School was first introduced to our community by way of an article published on Bladen Online. One year ago, Homestead Christian School existed on paper, and in the hearts of a handful of parents and teachers that had an incredibly strong will to meet the educational needs of the children in their local community; as well as a steadfast belief that they were tackling this monumental task in accordance with God’s will.

At the time the first article was published, despite their best efforts, HCS had not yet been able to find a suitable location to physically house the school that would pass all state requirements. In spite of that, the school’s administrator, Mrs. Peggy Hester, and the president of the school’s board of directors, Mrs. Ivey King, made a bold promise that the school would in fact open its doors for students in the fall of 2022, and they did just that. Not only did the school find a suitable location in the heart of the Dublin community, they began their classes as scheduled for the 2022/2023 school year and have filled their current location to near full capacity! Thankfully, the adjacent commercial building space next door to HCS has come available, and the school will be more than doubling their space both indoors and out for the next school year!

There are big plans in the works, but HCS is dedicated to following their original plan to focus on “quality over quantity,” pacing the school’s growth so that its high academic standards are not jeopardized and the cozy feeling that it evokes now is not lost. The future of Homestead Christian School is bright and the vision shared of having a school in our community that teaches students from a Biblical worldview, and uses agricultural experiences to reinforce both classroom and life lessons is alive and well. The momentum is undeniable and even bigger plans are in the works. HCS has been blessed and has every intention of returning blessings to the community that has rallied behind it. Over the past year, HCS was also able to secure a sizeable tract of land on Hwy 41 near the traffic circle. The school’s intention is to eventually build a schoolhouse at this location, complete with its very own agriculture learning facilities.

“Our students are thriving in this environment,” says Mrs. King. “We are so very thankful for everyone that has supported us along this journey. We are thankful for the dedication of our board of directors and for the parents that have entrusted us with their children. Thankful for everyone that has supported us through both donations and in prayer. Thankful for the owner of the building space that we are currently using that welcomed us with open arms. Thankful for the kind family that so graciously worked with us to purchase the land for our future school campus. Thankful for the questions that we are asked from day to day because people have a genuine desire to know what we are all about. And most importantly, thankful for our staff that took that leap of faith right along with us; for the many hours they put in to help ensure that our students have the best learning experience possible each and every day.”

Mrs. Hester enthusiastically shares that, “Enrollment is really starting to pick up. We are receiving messages and phone calls on an almost daily basis now. We are right on track to meet, and possibly surpass, our goals for the coming year. God is continuing to open doors for our school and we are so excited to see what the future holds!”

HCS will be having their spring fundraiser during the month of March. The first portion being this coming weekend at 5K Arena, where the school currently meets for agricultural activities on a bi-weekly basis. HCS will have a concession tent at the Southern Stockhorse Show on Saturday, March 18th, where they will be selling state fair style sausage dogs, chicken on a stick, and fresh squeezed orangeade and lemonade. There is no charge for admission and members of the local community are welcome to attend. The second portion will be a barbecue plate sale at the school itself, located at 34 Third Street in Dublin, on March 25th . Plates may be picked up for carry out, but patrons who wish to dine in are invited to enjoy their meal under the pavilion out back. There will be no advanced ticket sales, walk ups are welcome.

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