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John Lawson Legacy Days will be held on October 21 & 22, 2022. This event is held in Grifton, North Carolina,and will be celebrating the rich history of the region. It gets its name from John Lawson (1674-1711), a British explorer, writer, naturalist and surveyor who visited the area and was killed nearby in the village of Catechna by the Tuscarora Indians. Legacy Days celebrates the full range of area history, including the earliest Native Americans, European settlement, colonial times, the American Revolution and the Civil War.
According to Dr. Vincent Bellis published on ncpedia.org, Lawson became a founder of Bath, the first town in North Carolina, and a business partner of Smith and his daughter, Hannah. The Smiths were active in the deerskin trade and land development. Lawson used his talents in math as a land surveyor, and in that job, he traveled widely. Attracting investors to the area would help him financially. So in 1708 he returned to England for a year to publish a book describing and promoting Carolina. By that time, Lawson and Hannah Smith were the parents of a daughter, Isabella.
The event will be held at Grifton Museum located at 437-A Creekshore Drive in Grifton, NC 28530. Find out more on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/JohnLawsonLegacyDays

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