Michael T. Aycock with Mary Winfree at a past awards ceremony

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Michael Aycock presented with the Walter Zeller FellowshipThere was a special honor bestowed at the Bladen County Farm-City Week Banquet Tuesday evening. Kiwanian Michael Aycock was recognized for his achievement of the Walter Zeller Fellowship. 

The award was given for Aycock’s generous contribution in helping The Elimination Project rid the world of maternal and neonatal tetanus. Aycock has assisted in protecting 690 mothers and their future children against the terrible disease by providing the means for the tetanus vaccinations. 

Aycock was presented the medallion and the certificate of the Walter Zeller Fellowship by Kiwanis Division Lieutenant Governor, Mary Winfree from Lumberton. 

Winfree explained the Kiwanis Club assists one child and one community at a time. 

Aycock said he strived to achieve the Walter Zeller Fellowship to assist the impact the club has in the fight against tetanus world wide. He said, “To know that you are helping a child, a mother protect themselves against a horrible disease, it’s something.”

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