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Let’s Eat Out, But Where?

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By Cheryl Thurston

Happy summer, Bladen County. I hope your July was filled with easy travel, friends and family, and lots of good food. August’s Dog Days have arrived so it won’t be long before we can give the air conditioning a rest and enjoy the scent of pumpkin spice.

As I looked at the July sanitation inspections of our local eateries I noticed a couple of new places I haven’t tried yet. I’ll have to add those to my to do list. As you know, the fine folks at the Bladen County Health Department perform regular inspections to ensure the safety and healthful conditions of our food supply. Thanks to their dedication, we can receive these monthly reports to keep us aware and informed so we can make our own decisions about where to eat, shop or stay.

Check out the list below to see the restaurants, cafeterias, delis, kitchens and other facilities which were inspected in July. Summer isn’t over yet so there is still plenty of time to splash around in the water, frolic and play, and enjoy good times. And as always, Bon Appetit.


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