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By Cheryl Thurston

Hello friends and neighbors, and a very happy new year to you all. I hope that all of your holiday celebrations were enjoyable and filled with love. And now that we are into the new year, let’s take one more look back to the past for the sanitation inspections which were performed in December of last year.

As you know, the fine folks over at the Bladen County Health Department make regular inspections in all of our local restaurants, delis, kitchens, cafes and cafeterias to ensure healthful conditions and proper sanitation regarding the public food supply. It looks like they worked very diligently in December, considering the number of facilities they were able to inspect.

I see a few of those inspections resulted in improved sanitation grades for some of our favorite places. It’s great to see superior sanitation in our day cares, nutrition sites, and school cafeterias. Check out the list below for full details. May your appetite, and your year, be healthy and wise.

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