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Situational Overview and Weather Update through Saturday

Life-threatening flood conditions continue according to the National Weather Services briefing by Steven Pfaff.

Situational Overview as of: 630 PM on Tuesday Sept 18, 2018

Prepared by: Steven Pfaff

Forecast Overview: A weak front will move toward the southeast and off the coast late tonight. Dry ridge of high pressure will build across the region Wednesday through Friday before moving offshore. Moisture will increase over the area Sunday through Tuesday, accompanied by higher rain chances.

Life threatening flooding will continue and major to record river flooding is already occurring in several areas. River flooding is expected at many locations through the week as flood waves move through the river basins.

Do not drive across flooded areas as the depth of water may be significant or the road may be washed away. Do not drive around barricades. Unstable roads may collapse from the weight of your vehicle. View the full report here: Sept_18_1830_Brief

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