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By: Charlotte Smith

They say the little town of Dublin grows a lot because it’s “Dublin every day”, but thanks to Lu Mil Vineyard the small community of a little more than 330 residents has brought a huge number of people to Bladen County this holiday season.

According to Denise Bridgers with the vineyard, since Thanksgiving more than 22,000 people lined up to see the annual Festival of Lights this year. Bladen County usually receives a lot of tourism traffic in the spring and summer thanks to White Lake, however, our commerce with tourism could become evergreen.

Denise said, “It took approximately 30 people per night to run the show not counting all the behind-the-scenes people.”

Wednesday, December 23rd was the last night for folks to come out and enjoy the Festival of Lights, which included more than the mouth-dropping light show. The Taylor family also allows for a chance to tell Santa all your wishes, the opportunity to enjoy a hearty buffet dinner, and purchase goodies at their candy shop. Even with the pouring rain this week, people were still lined up to enjoy all the festivities.

Karla Ward, Marketing Director for Lu Mil Vineyard announced earlier in the season, this year they added new decorations and made the route three-quarters of a mile longer for the light show. Famous Star Wars characters even played parts in the show this year.

Denise said, “We are mighty blessed,” when we asked her how everything went this year. The truth is, so is our county.

For more information about Lu Mil Vineyard, visit their website at: http://lumilvineyard.com/

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